Make Your Own Autumn Leaf Garland

October 05, 2014

Those of you who know me, know that I love fall!  And once October rolls around the signs of autumn begin to pop up both outside my house and in!

My kitchen sports a hint of fall year round because I love its beautifully warm colors, but I decided to turn up in honor of my favorite season with this simply, yet fun leaf garland.

Read on below to see how you can make your own hybrid garland and bring a touch of this beautiful season inside your home.


Make Your Own Autumn Leaf Garland

What You'll Need:

  • Autumn Leaf  Cut Files by Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs
  • Patterned paper (digital or physical)
  • A stick or small branch
  • Sewing machine and thread.

1. Decide on a color scheme and print a selection of digital papers or gather physical papers from your stash that pull from this scheme. I printed 6 sheets of digital paper from Karla Dudley's Zephyr Woodgrain Pack onto 8.5 x 11 cardstock.

2. Open the different leaf cut files you wish to use from the set in your Silhouette Studio Software. Then duplicate/size them appropriately to fill your sheets of paper. I set up a different document for each style of leaf and positioned 9-12 leaves on each 8.5 x 11" document.

4. Then load and cut each sheet of leaves.

5. Decide on a color/shape sequence for your leaves so that you will have a good mix of colors and shapes throughout your garland. 

6. Create strands of leaves by stitching over a leaf with your sewing machine, pulling threads and then stitching over the next leaf. Remember to leave your threads long on one end so that you can tie your strands to your stick

7. How many leaves go on each strand and the spacing between is up to you but remember to consider the space you'll be hanging your garland in.  If you have high ceilings make longer strands if you are working with smaller spaces like I me, you may only want 4-5 per strand. 

8. Find a stick and tie your strands around it, spacing them evenly across the stick and so that the leaves/strands are staggered vertically.   

Note: Kelleigh's template + cut files offers you a lot of solutions, including layered templates, printable templates, cut files, etc. So determine whether you are planning to use digital papers or real papers a cutting machine or your trusty scissors and proceed with the method that will work best for you. The method listed above is the method I used, but it's definitely not your only option!

Have a lovely Autumn day!

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