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November 16, 2013

It's that time again!  Time that I'm thinking about and preparing for my December Album and I'm very excited to share my plan for this year with all of you.

At the beginning of November I wasn't even sure I was going to be doing a December Album, but then I was totally inspired by these journal cards  and my plan quickly began to evolve.  So here's a look at the format, album and supplies that I will be using to complete my December Daily.

The Format

Though I thought about doing a digital book this year to keep things simple, I've really fallen in love pocket page scrapbooking. Originally I thought of going with a nice album and pocket pages, but in an effort to keep the cost down I chose to forgo the pocket pages and instead opted for a pocket-page inspired design  for my pages instead.

I developed a handful of  page configurations and then alternated them throughout my book in an effort to simplify the process of assembling my foundation pages. And I also decided to leave my pages un-numbered this year to create a little more flexibility in adding my photos and my stories.

The Album

I decided to save myself a little bit of money and go the ole' re-purposing route when it came to my album and base pages.  So I repurposed one of my American Crafts 8.5 x 11 D Ring Binders--covering it with a wood grain contact paper to give it a new life. Then I re-purposed a bunch of old file folders into base pages.  Their size was great and only required a bit of trimming and the color would coordinate perfectly with my other supplies.

The Supplies

My "piece de resistance" and guiding inspiration for this album came in the form of these beautiful journal cards from Oh Snap Boutique. I decided to spend a little extra and have them printed on pearl cardstock to play up the gold.

All of the other products I chose largely because they were available in bulk and would help to create a sense of continuity in my album.  These supplies included:

     doilies * wood veneer  * mini folders * sequins * clothespins * buttons * paperclips

For a more ideas and inspiration to use in making your own December albums join us over at Creative Passion for December Daily Week, running  November 17- 25th.

I'll be sharing more about my process for planning  and piecing together my album, including sharing tips on saving time and money on your own albums and giving you a peek at my finished foundation pages. I'll also have a fun freebie for you too!  But you'll have to join me and the rest of the Creative Passion Crew (beginning tomorrow) to find out what it is!

Stay tuned for a full reveal of my foundation pages, a list of the resources I'll be using to help me fill my album with great photos and stories and weekly updates on my albums progress over the next month!

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  1. I'm really liking what I see! :) And secretly, I'm happy that you chose not to go digital. Can't wait to see your album as you do it. Your supplies with lots of gold look awesome and the cards too. :) If I wouldn't have a whole Christmas kit already, I'll follow your here I think. :) Well, have fun creating!! xox

  2. I really like the look of the gold glitz. Very festive!

  3. i love the oh snap boutique's cards! i saw them when they came out & am still undecided as i am loving holiday cards as well!!

    curious...did you print them on pearly paper or did you have them printed elsewhere?

  4. Hi Mindy! I had the first batch printed on pearly cardstock at Staples and they were very reasonably priced I think it was 1.39 a sheet and you can fit 6 to a page. But I did end up printing up a few extras at home on pearl cardstock I bought at Michael's and they turned out great too.

  5. I love your format and your ideas! I cannot buy all the latest trends and really appreciate your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! I saw it on Pinterest.

  6. thank you for stopping by Kate and for taking the time to leave a comment. My post at Creative Passion will post this Saturday if you're looking for a few more ideas on stretching product and saving money ;)


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