14 Books in 2014...At Least That's The Plan!

June 22, 2014

So this year I made a resolution of sorts to "read more."  When I made this goal I hadn't finished a fiction book in quite some time and I really missed loosing myself in a good story.

My tentative goal was to read a book a month this year. And while I have been reading some over the last few months I've finally decided to get my act together and plan out the books I want to read and come up with a realistic schedule for reaching this goal.  AND I thought posting my reading goals here could help me out in the accountability department ;)

In sitting down to plan this year's reading list I thought since its 2014, instead of reading a book each month I should shoot for 14 books in 2014...just to make things interesting.  I also decided to help get caught up, that I would read at least two books in the months of June, July and August...and as of right now I'm a little a head of schedule....yay me!

Below are the 14 books I've chosen to read (or have already read) in 2014.  I've included some thoughts about why I originally wanted to read the book and I will update you with my general feelings about each book after reading them--no spoilers of course ;)

Insurgent Book 2 in the Divergent Series (read)

by Veronica Roth

I read the first book in this series last November. Divergent was actually one of the books that got me excited about reading again.  So it only seemed natural that I would read the next two installments. I was truly excited to see how this dystopian YA novel series played out.

UPDATE:Though this book was a bit of a placeholder in the series (as most second books are) I thought this book provided us with some fascinating information about secondary characters like Marcus Eaton, Jeanine Matthews and Caleb Prior.

Allegiant Book 3 in the Divergent Series (read)

by Veronica Roth

After reading Divergent I had pretty much committed to finishing the series, there really wouldn't be any reason that would keep me from finishing the final book--plus the twist at the end of the second book was certainly enough to keep me interested.

UPDATE: I know many people were disappointed with this book and the way the series ended, but I didn't feel disappointed at all. In all I liked the way the book played out and felt a sense of closure turning its final pages.

The Fault In Our Stars (read)

by John Green

I will admit this book was chosen largely because EVERYONE WAS READING IT and I felt almost obligated.  I actually had no idea what this book was about when I picked it up, but I'm actually glad for this because I felt like I was able to lose myself in this love story even more fully as a result.

UPDATE:I really fell in love with this book. The story of Hazel and Augustus was beautiful and real and sad. I thought the author did a great job of conveying the voice and emotion of his protagonist and I also really love "the book-within-a-book" element that he created. This is one of those books whose words really stick with you, with lines like "Some infinities are bigger than other infinities" and "The world is not a wish granting factory."

The Kite Runner (read)

by Khaled Hosseini

I chose this book because I wanted to expose myself to a new culture and to identify with that culture on deeper level.  I knew a little about the plot of the story before I picked the book up and I knew that it would be a difficult book to read.

UPDATE: I was really moved by this book. While I'll admit at times Amir's story did make me feel very sad and and a little hopeless about the world we live in, it was also an amazing tale of redemption and a great reminder of the small but beautiful things that we find a midst the darkness. The author is a beautiful storyteller and I enjoyed listening to this book read by him as the description of Afghan customs and pronunciation of Afghan words in his voice made the experience that much more authentic.

The Maze Runner (currently reading...)

by James Dashner

What can I say?! I'm a sucker for the young adult, dystopian society genre, so I couldn't pass this up--especially since I definitely want to read it before seeing the movie this September.

 I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't)...

by Brene Brown

While I've found Brene Brown's recent TED talks very inspiring, that's not what initially inspired me to pick up this book.  I bought this book before I'd even heard of Brene Brown simply because I strongly identified with the title/subtitle: "I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't): Making the Journey from 'What Will People Think?' to 'I Am Enough' ".  Little by little I've been making room in my life to be a better me and I know this book will have some great insights to help me on my way.

Life of Pi

by Yann Martel

This book I chose not only because of its popularity, but also in hopes of it being one of those books where you can lose yourself in the world that the author creates.  I have held off watching the movie in hopes that this will motivate me to read the book, but from what I have seen from trailers an amazing story and an exotic world awaits me!


by Cheryl Strayed

I love reading stories about personal reflection and redemption, they give me hope and inspire me to reflect on my own life in new ways and to strive to be a better person.  Though I don't think I'll be tackling The Pacific Crest any time soon, I do look forward to reading about how being lost in the wilderness helped this woman find herself.

The 5 Love Languages of Children

by Gary Chapman

I read Chapman's original book on the five languages of love some years back and it really changed the way I looked at some of my closest releationships.  After giving birth to two beautiful boys, I have bought a number of books on parenting--most of which I have not yet found the time to read.  So I'm starting with this one and looking forward to applying what I learn to the relationships I have with both of my boys--who are so very different but deserve the very best love that I can give them.

The Hundred Foot Journey

by Richard C. Morais

I really can't wait to read this book.  I was inspired to read it after seeing the movie trailer.  And as much as I would love to see the movie, I couldn't help but think while watching the trailer what a wonderful life journey this would be to read about.  It combines two things I'm very interested in: world cultures and international cuisine and its message of acceptance and being able to learn from one another as different as we might be is one I strongly believe in.

Specials - Book 3 in The Uglies Series

by Scott Westerfield

Another young adult dystopian series that I started reading and then put down almost five years ago.  But I figured it was time to finish this series up and get some closure.  So this last winter I re-read the second book in the series and now I'm ready to find out what's in store for Tally, Zane, Shay, The Crims and Dr. Cable.

Daring Greatly

by Brene Brown

Everyone's talking about this book and while I elected to read some of Brene Brown's earlier work before tackling this one, I'm still really excited to read this.  It's refreshing to hear someone talking about vulnerability and insecurity openly and in a way that can really help people to grow and transform their lives.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

by Steig Larsson

I started this book a few years back before the movie came out.  I have since seen the movie (the American version) and it was a bit dark for me. I had trouble identifying with the main character because the movie's portrayal of her seemed cold and shallow and I couldn't help but feel that I would understand Lisbeth better if I had actually finished the book. I also heard an acquaintance talk recently about her feelings on this book and the fact that it was empowering to her and it was really her passion for the book that inspired me to pick it back up again.

Gone Girl

by Gillian Flynn

This is another book that I had no idea what it was about when I bought it, just another title that I had seen several friends reading on Good Reads, so I thought I'd add 'er to the old list. I'm not much of a suspense/thriller fan, but then again its been decades since I've sampled from this genre so I figured this was a good book to start with--who knows maybe I'll love it and be inspired to read more from this genre.

I'd love to hear about what you're reading right now or any recommendations you might have--leave a comment below!

And happy reading!

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