Back to School 2013 + A Fun Teacher Gift Idea!

August 14, 2013

Can you believe summer is really over...Neither can I!  Where did it all go?!

And more importantly how can it be that I'm already sending my first son off to Kindergarten!?  Look at him there.  I don't think he's ever been more excited in his life!  And I'm excited for him, but I'm also a little worried and sad too.  But that's normal right--to have mixed feelings when sending your child out into the big wide world.

 It's normal to be conflicted when you think about your child growing up and one day not needing his mommy.  Then I quickly remind myself that in between are some good times to be had for sure!

This year we beat the back-to-school rush and did our clothes shopping towards the beginning of July.  We didn't have any supplies to buy because Caleb's private Kindergarten tuition covers all of their supplies....thank goodness!  But at the top of his list of faves were his brand new Skylander's backpack and his bungee cord shoes (we still haven't quite got the hang of tying shoes--but we're working at it!).

 For this year's teacher gift we opted just to go for a gift card to Caleb's favorite ice cream shop and decided instead to put our originality into making a fun cover for it that served another important purpose--to introduce Caleb to his new teacher.  I think my biggest fear about sending my sweet, quiet boy to Kindergarten is the possibility that he might get lost in the crowd.  And I thought maybe if Caleb and I could find a fun way to share a few things about him, this would help his teacher to connect a little better with Caleb--to have a better idea of what things he excels at and what things he needs help with and so on.

The "A Few Things About Me Gift Card Holder"

Using the Vintage Postcard Folder Tutorial from Jenni Bowlin Studio Digitals and a little of my own creativity, I put together this enclosed accordion-style mini + gift card holder.

On one side of accordion fly-out, I put a photo of Caleb, his name and then listed six things I wanted his new teacher to know about him.

On the other side I wanted to include a contribution from Caleb.  So I designed my own handwriting practice sheets featuring a few of Caleb's favorite things using Photoshop and the program available at

As you can see, as he got down to the bottom he was growing a little tired of!

We hope that she will enjoy this little gift almost as much as Caleb enjoyed his first day!  He met so many new people including his new teacher and he got to work on his writing right off!  We had to make some big changes to be able to afford to give our son the opportunity to go to Private Kindergarten, but I think its going to be just what he needs!

I hope you all have great back-to-school experiences of your own and if you've posted about it on your own blogs I'd love to read about them!  Please link me up in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. A video for how to teach kids to tie their shoes. You mentioned that on the CU Tuesday night.
    I think I have it linked.

  2. what a good idea ! i share it here :école-freebies-idées/

  3. Oh great, thank Rhadonda! Caleb's very into YouTube right now, so maybe this is just the right approach. Thanks for joining us last night :)

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